MOP 2022 Day 21

Once my dreams
Were all about flying
I’d run downhill
Sometimes for fun
Sometimes escaping
An ill-defined threat
Behind me
Too hard to see clearly
While fleeing

Through the trees
That I remember being planted
In the grounds
At my primary school
They had magpies living in them
In later years

Running faster and faster
Flight requires a certain momentum
Before feet will leave the ground
And frantic kicking
Launches a body into the air
Into freedom

Not at all easy
But it worked
Whereas throwing oneself
At the ground and missing
I know
Dream me tested it

My dreams aren’t like that now
There’s no speed
No exhilaration
No freedom
It’s all struggle

Uphill battles
Threats I can’t flee
My body almost irrelevant
I’m arguing
Problem solving
I get headaches in my dreams
When the things
People do
Make no sense

I miss flying


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