Travel with kids scares me

And this is why. I remember, you see. I remember being 14 years old and being completely hideous when my parents took us on a month long trip to Athens, Crete, Paris, London, Boston, Washington and New Orleans before we settled in Boulder Colorado for a 6 month stay. Here I am with my mum and brother and sister at the Parthenon in Athens. It’s on the top of a bloody great hill you know, and we’d just walked up there. I was not pleased. We did a lot of walking in Athens, I spent a lot of time being … Continue reading Travel with kids scares me

Dried leaves in boiling water…

…an exercise in associative blogging. Tea. My Nanna (Dad’s mum), who I remember as teaching me to drink tea – no sugar, a bit of milk, strong and hot. Breathing in the steam from the mug, cupped in cold hands, sitting around a campfire at night. So many glorious camping holidays with my family and my mum’s twin sister’s family when I was a kid. Yum cha, the brew getting stronger as the meal progresses until the pot is refilled and it goes back to hot water lightly tinged with colour and flavour. The ritual of Grandma’s teapot, readied before … Continue reading Dried leaves in boiling water…


I don’t think I’ve made a proper birthday cake at all this year. I think I’m suffering cake decorating withdrawals. When we finally get around to having a birthday party for Tom (must send out invites!) there will be proper cake. Better start planning now. Meanwhile, some past creations: So, anyone hungry for cake now? 50 Things post No. 47 Continue reading Cake

Sleeping – a picspam post

I was going back through all my photos on my laptop looking for images for another post that’s sitting in my drafts folder and I kept coming across photos of me or one of the kids with either a child or a pet asleep on top of us. Here they are. Tom, post spag bol, with Samantha Aug ’05 Me with Samantha Sept ’04 Me with Tom April ’03 Ok, we might be foxing just a little bit in this one. Me with Tom Dec ’02 Caitlin with James not sure of the date, she’d have been 2-ish 50 Things … Continue reading Sleeping – a picspam post


I turned forty a couple of weeks ago. My mum asked me recently how did it feel being 40 and I said it feels pretty much like being thirty felt, or even twenty. I’m quite sure I have changed over that time, what with the getting older and having kids and all, but in some fundamental way I don’t feel any different. I don’t think back to who I was as a newly married 21 year old and wonder what happened to that person, she’s still right here. For me forty seems full of possibilities. My kids are getting older … Continue reading 40

50 Things

Via Kath at Sleepydumpling I think the 50 things challenge started life as a challenge to write a list of 50 things on one topic, but the version Kath is blogging requires writing your own list of 50 topics, followed by a post on each of them. As it turns out coming up with the list is proving a non-trivial challenge in itself. 40 Swimming What are you reading? What are you watching? Learning Pets School Do you work? Volunteering An ode to Vegemite Grandparents Music Mum taxi Shopping How I met your father Camping Sleeping Dried leaves in boiling … Continue reading 50 Things