Link-fest No. 12 + DUFC

One of the reasons there’s been so little blogging going on around here lately is that I’m re-reading The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett at the moment. In fact I’m fighting the urge to go back to my book right now! Here’s why: Guest post by Linda Gillard at Rhapsody in Books reviewing the seriesETA: Another lovely review of the Lymond series – Been There, Dunnett by Marjorie Leithead at Textualities Anyhoo, have some links: The 16th Down Under Feminists Carnival this month is hosted by Hexy at Hexpletive. Ariane’s Unsolicited careers advice for high school kids. Lauredhel’s recent posts … Continue reading Link-fest No. 12 + DUFC

First Born

MPJ tagged me for this over on Facebook but because I’m bloody minded and stuck in my ways I’m doing it here rather than there (it shows up there anyway ’cause I have my blog feed updating Facebook). One for the mums – all about your first born. 1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED?Yes, well, in the sense that we stopped trying to avoid one – it happened a bit quicker than I’d anticipated though. 2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME?Yep, for 4 years. 3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS?Happy 🙂 4. HOW OLD WERE YOU?25 5. HOW DID YOU … Continue reading First Born