Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 12

Hosted by Mrs4444. A tossed salad of bits and bobs from the week just gone with a touch of things to come for extra flavour. Be sure to pop over to Mrs4444’s place for other fragmentary offerings for today! 1. On Wednesday afternoon my 12 year old walked into the loungeroom , smiled at me and said “Hi Mum, you’re awesome.” I can live with that. 2. The second dwarf gourami is dead and we’re down to one rummy nose tetra in Tom’s tank. I’m not buying anymore fish till after Christmas, that should give all the tanks plenty of … Continue reading Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 12

500th post, dedicated to TWOMF

Just by chance I happened to notice that my next post was going to be my 500th post. I tweeted the revelation, as one does, and pondered upon just what subject matter could be worthy of such a meaningless milestone. Then PZ Meyers pointed me in the direction of a missive from the future. I watched, was highly amused (and most disconcerted at about the 3 minute mark) and simply had to share it right now. Click here if you can’t see the embedded video. And there you have it, the reason my 500th post is dedicated to TWOMF. P.S. … Continue reading 500th post, dedicated to TWOMF

Pride and Twitterverse

I’ve twittered a link to this already (as is only right) but just in case any of you manage to miss that either on Twitter or Facebook I feel it is imperative that I share this thing of beauty here on my blog as well. Thanks to a link in Tigtog’s regular feature Femmostroppo Reader I found my way to Under the Mad Hat where I have been privileged to read her creation entitled Pride and Twitterverse. Some favourite snippets: MrsB:A Mr Bingley–worth 50,000 followers a year–has joined Twitter! He’s brought a friend, Mr Darcy–worth 100,000 followers a year! Pls … Continue reading Pride and Twitterverse