Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 12

Friday Fragments?
Hosted by Mrs4444.

A tossed salad of bits and bobs from the week just gone with a touch of things to come for extra flavour. Be sure to pop over to Mrs4444’s place for other fragmentary offerings for today!

1. On Wednesday afternoon my 12 year old walked into the loungeroom , smiled at me and said “Hi Mum, you’re awesome.” I can live with that.

2. The second dwarf gourami is dead and we’re down to one rummy nose tetra in Tom’s tank. I’m not buying anymore fish till after Christmas, that should give all the tanks plenty of time to stabilise and I’ll have more time to pay proper attention to them after that too.

3. On Wednesday night I had forgotten that Adam’s mum was coming for dinner and I had done nothing by way of so much as deciding what we would eat. I think I was leaning towards toasted sandwiches but that wasn’t really and option with a guest to feed. Emergency pasta sauce time! One diced onion, 2 heaped teaspoons of minced garlic, a bit butter and a splash olive oil – fry till onion is soft. Add 800g tin of chopped tomatoes, plenty of dried basil and oregano, and a small sprinkle of dried chili flakes and simmer. Slice 2 chorizo and cook in another pan, drain fat and add chorizo to sauce. Serve over spaghetti. YUM.

4. Tonight we went to the school’s Band and Choir Christmas concert. Caitlin is in the choir, which sang beautifully and was clearly having lots of fun. They have a wonderful director, she’s done such great work with them over the year. The Training and Concert Bands played a few pieces each, I usually manage to hear the bands play early in the year and am always most impressed by how far they’ve come by the end of the year. I particularly liked the Concert Band’s rendition of “Born to be Wild” – I count it a win if I come away from one of these things with an earworm I can actually enjoy!

5. This Saturday we will be attending a rally in the city in support of same sex marriage

6. Linkfest time – a collection of stuff I think is worth sharing.

Does Twilight deserve any “feminist defense”?
from tigtog at Hoyden About Town.

Hoydenizens About Town
– a skills showcase and marketplace for the Hoyden About Town community.

Greta Christina on Atheism and Friendship.

Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy on Giving Thanks.

And to finish off, some light entertainment. No doubt everyone has seen these already but I’m sticking them here anyway ’cause that way I can find them again later!

Muppets Bohemain Rhapsody

Click here if you can’t see the embedded video.

Five Star Wars status updates – Star Wars comes to Facebook on

10 thoughts on “Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 12

  1. Wow! Total awesomeness AND a recipe! PS: I think I'm the only living person who hasn't seen Twilight or read the book and now the sequel is out. I'd better get busy.Thanks for the Fragments!

  2. Great, great list and that Muppet performance is classic! The sauce sounds really yummy.Happy FF and have a great weekend!

  3. I've seen the link many times for the Muppets but hadn't had a chance to watch it until now. FANTASTIC! Happy FF!

  4. Singing chickens, huh? Fun!I love choirzo but don't know how to "wing it" in recipes like you obviously do. Thanks!Love the unsolicited comment from your Son; that's awesome. have a great weekend.

  5. @Alix I haven't seen Twilight and I assure you I'm in no hurry to do so. I did read the first book because I don't think it's reasonable to snark about something you haven't read yourself – but it was hard going!Isn't the Muppets thing great πŸ™‚ Someone else noted how they'd cleverly avoided the "I just killed a man" lyrics – gotta keep it kid friendly. Of course my kids have been hearing the original since they were in the womb πŸ˜‰

  6. I just saw the Muppets version of Queen for the first time yesterday! How funny. In your second fragment I was so happy when you finally said the word fish. I was totally lost up until that point. lolAbout the only thing I can make on the fly is garlic bread or Mac and Cheese. Good for you for remembering she was coming and got something wonderful to serve.

  7. I love Queen and grew up with the Muppets (and the Muppet Babies)– that was AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing (and for sharing that pasta sauce recipe too!).~Elizabeth

  8. Awwww! I bet when you're 12 year old told you you were awesome it made your day! :)Your last minute dinner sounds really yummy! Though if I were to ever drop by unexpectedly, toasted sandwiches would be just fine… ;)LOL! Love the Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody!Happy FF! πŸ™‚

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