Beef and Barley Stew

On Thursday night I was faced with some defrosted steak, no shopping done, no plan and a mother-in-law coming for dinner. It was time to call on my inner Nanny Ogg, here’s what she came up with: Beef and barley stew a slosh of olive oil3 onions, diced1kg steak, diced1/2 red capsicum, dicedgenerous sprinkling of garlic powdera shake or three of dried chili flakessome allspice…maybe a bit more3 tablespoons plain flour1L beef stocka few bay leaves2 tablespoons tomato pastethe rest of the bottle of worchestershire sauce (I dunno, 1 tablespoon?)3 carrots, sliced4 potatoes, diced1/2 cup pearl barleysalt & pepper to … Continue reading Beef and Barley Stew