18 years

I was 18 years old when we first started talking about “when we’re old and grey.” When I came home and told my Mum that we were planning on getting married her reaction wasn’t quite what I was looking for, she was wary of me committing so young. One of Adam’s friends took it upon himself to tell me to back off, I asked why he was telling me he had a problem with Adam and I being engaged, wasn’t he Adam’s friend? I was so furious that I made him drive me to Adam’s place and tell Adam what … Continue reading 18 years

I’m really rather fond of this time of year

Here we are at the beginning of December, my house is strewn with Christmas decorations, the kids have decorated the tree, we have strings of lights ready to festoon the garden, I have all my special Christmas candles out, the Advent calendar is hanging by the dining table, there’s Christmas music loaded up on the iPod and I’ve started my annual re-read of Connie Willis’ Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. Yes, I’m an atheist celebrating a pagan mid-winter festival co-opted by the Christian church to commemorate the birth of a man who was was almost certainly not born on the … Continue reading I’m really rather fond of this time of year

Why congratulations?

So, it’s like this, some people you know are getting married. They may be close friends, relatives perhaps, or merely acquaintances. They are a cis-gendered, heterosexual couple with an unremarkable age difference, they share the same beliefs and cultural heritage. You’ve just been told they are engaged, or perhaps you’re writing a message for them on the occasion of their wedding. There are a number of things you might say but I’ll bet “Congratulations!” is right there at the top of the list of appropriate sentiments to express. It has certainly been my default message, “Congratulations and best wishes, love … Continue reading Why congratulations?

Sisterhood Award

Liz over at Eternal Lizdom has bestowed upon me another award. This one is titled the Sisterhood Award. First, share memories or thoughts of childhood or adulthood sister-friends. Funny, sad, whatever. 1. Attending Physics Society parties at Sydney Uni with Ariane. The dry ice in a sealed bottle trick never stops being funny. 2. In 5th grade, rolling around my best friend Rowena’s bedroom laughing ourselves silly while quoting the Goon Show back and forth at each other. 3. A couple of years ago, feeling comfortable enough with my friend Sue to go swimming in her backyard pool wearing a … Continue reading Sisterhood Award

Food and love (Part 1)

Some time ago Liz posted a piece titled Love You With Food, it ends with these lines: There is a legacy of love and food and cooking in my family. I’m so glad to be part of it and so glad it doesn’t end with me. I wish I could say the same thing about my family. It’s not that there was any lack of love, or indeed of good food, in my childhood – far from it! But somewhere along the way food became a problem instead of an uncomplicated celebration and the legacy I inherited could be better … Continue reading Food and love (Part 1)

Seventeen years

In September of 1988, one month shy of my 18th birthday I went to a party I had not been invited to. My best mate’s girlfriend had been invited so we figured that was close enough. I knew a fair few of the people there, well, their faces and names at any rate, they were people who had been 2 years ahead of me at high school. It was a pretty good party, we danced and were silly and there may have been some booze involved (ok, there was definitely half a bottle of vodka involved but SHHH don’t tell … Continue reading Seventeen years