Sisterhood Award

Liz over at Eternal Lizdom has bestowed upon me another award. This one is titled the Sisterhood Award.

First, share memories or thoughts of childhood or adulthood sister-friends. Funny, sad, whatever.

1. Attending Physics Society parties at Sydney Uni with Ariane. The dry ice in a sealed bottle trick never stops being funny.

2. In 5th grade, rolling around my best friend Rowena’s bedroom laughing ourselves silly while quoting the Goon Show back and forth at each other.

3. A couple of years ago, feeling comfortable enough with my friend Sue to go swimming in her backyard pool wearing a borrowed rashie and my undies. The last time I was at Sue’s place (for a candle party – like tupperware only with candles) we ended up sitting around talking about life the universe and everything for a couple of hours after everyone else had gone home.

4. Mothers group. Cathy, Malyn, Romaine and I spent many hours sitting around sharing all while our kids played. These were the people who kept me sane when Tom was a baby and toddler.

5. My mum. With whom I can talk about anything, who never judges and is unfailingly supportive.

Second, pass the award on to however many bloggers you’d like to share this with- but make sure you share this award specifically with bloggers that you feel a kinship with. Bloggers you learn from or feel that you teach, bloggers you’ve connected with in a really familiar and friendly way.

1. Shrinking Yoda

2. Shrinking Tardie

3. Indian Ink aka Lisa66

4. Ariane’s Little World

5. MPJ

6 thoughts on “Sisterhood Award

  1. We did indeed have many excellent times with Mothers’ Group. I’m so glad to have had such a wonderful group of supportive mates, and to still have them is even better.

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