Week 14 weigh-in.

Ahhhh, crap 😛 Guess what happens when you eat large quantities of chips and cheese and salami and chocolate and…(you get the idea)? Got myself a gain of 0.6kg this week, I am consoled by the fact that I know I am wearing 0.5kg extra in shoes today than I was last week, so not nearly as bad as it could have been. Back on the program today, I might try daily blogging to keep myself honest in the coming week.

Exercise this week:
Tues: nil
Wed: nil
Thurs: 90 min treadmill 8km
Fri: nil
Sat: nil
Sun: WW Move DVD workout
Mon: nil

*grimace* and there was the notable lack of exercise too…

One thought on “Week 14 weigh-in.

  1. Half the battle is knowing what you did wrong and admitting it on here..you will get back on track and next week a loss for sure:).Have a great week Mim

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