Owwww, my feet hurt!

I started my “walk the kids to school” campaign this week…again:P It takes about 25mins to get there and just over 15mins for me to get home again and I’ve decided we’ll be walking even if I have somewhere to be first thing. So on Tuesday, instead of dropping the kids off and driving straight the shops with half an hour to spare before Weight Watchers, I did the walk, got home, changed my clothes, did some laundry, packed the dishwasher and made it to the meeting with 30 seconds to spare. I had a loss of 0.3kg which, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting (need to get back to tracking).

Today I was rostered on to do reading groups in my youngest’s class at 9:30 and then Canteen duty at 11:00 so there was another quick change from trackpants to jeans after the walk and back I went to the school! What with all the walking on concrete paths – particularly the steep downhill bit, my poor knees – and being on my feet most of the day at the school and most of the afternoon cooking up beef goulash and apple crumble for dinner tonight I’ve got ouchy bits all over. Oh for a bath big enough to be worth getting into!

One thought on “Owwww, my feet hurt!

  1. You can always declare a night off for yourself and come soak in our bath. Now that we have instant hot water, you can even put enough water in to make it worth the effort! I now have visions of people knocking on the door, saying “Don’t mind me, just using the tub” and disappearing upstairs…. at least it would get some use with more than 2 inches of water in it.But well done! Have you been giving yourself reward stickers? 🙂

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