Shh, don’t tell anyone…

…I’ve decided to start doing the Couch to 5K program – henceforth C25K on account of keystroke rationing. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, I was just going to quietly get on that treadmill of mine downstairs and see where it took me (yeah, yeah, I know – not very far. /preemptive parenthetical joke). But Twitter was right there and before I knew it my thoughts had leaped from my fingertips to keyboard, serious contemplation became an actual decision and there were a whole bunch of friends saying “Cool idea, we might do it too!” You won’t read anything about … Continue reading Shh, don’t tell anyone…

Making plans

No resolutions, no grand plans for the year, no lists of things to accomplish. Just the intention to plan ahead a little bit at a time and try not to let things get too overwhelming. By the end of last year I was really not doing too well, I had made too many commitments and left myself stretched way too thin. I kept thinking it should be ok, I wasn’t really short of time and other people were managing to do as much and more without crumbling into a heap. But I’m not other people, I’m me and I have … Continue reading Making plans


We went to the pool today, it’s not our closest public pool, there’s one at Hornsby too but this one at West Pymble is in such a lovely setting that it’s well worth a few extra minutes drive to go there instead. You can see what I mean from the Google satellite image This is the pool I used to come to for swimming lessons in the summer holidays when I was a kid, I have vivid memories of doing water safety and having to jump into the olympic pool fully dressed, tread water for a while and then swim … Continue reading Splash!


I have not weighed myself for nearly 2 months. I’ve been eating what I wanted, when I wanted. I’ve been walking the dog but not doing much else by way of exercise. I haven’t been thinking about food all the time. Last night I was out with friends having an awesome meal at Chinta Ria, followed by a thoroughly decadent chocolate overload at Lindt Cafe and then a quick visit to the Pumphouse pub all accompanied by liberal quantities of wine. This morning I decided to have a look at the numbers. I was a little apprehensive, surely all this … Continue reading Interesting

My hands are still cold

I spent nearly half an hour standing outside in the cold from 9pm tonight talking to one of Dave’s teachers (who is made of awesome) after the School Council meeting. I was explaining to her why Dave had come home this afternoon from their 2 day excursion to Bathurst, got in the car with me and alternated between telling me how much fun he’d had doing gold-panning and meeting farm animals and fighting back tears as he told me about the bullying that he and his friends had endured at the hands of a certain group of extremely unpleasant children. … Continue reading My hands are still cold

Done with dieting

I’m not doing the Weight Watchers thing any more, haven’t been for quite some time now. I was getting nowhere, making myself miserable and ending up binge eating on a fairly regular basis. Since I stopped dieting (and make no mistake about it, Weight Watchers is a diet) my weight has stayed stable, my binging has drastically reduced (I still have the occasional episode if I’m feeling really down) and I’m feeling pretty much OK about myself. I had blood tests done a few weeks ago and all the numbers came back good except my cholesterol. Which isn’t particularly surprising … Continue reading Done with dieting

So far so good

Sink – still shiny.Laundry – all clean, dry and folded. Still some to be put away and LOTS of ironing to do.Exercise – weights training on track every second day, need to get moving on the cardio. I should be able to get another swim in tomorrow. Hey, I know it’s early days, but I’m celebrating every little success thankyouverymuch! My bike hasn’t arrived yet, I rang the shop this afternoon and they said Monday hopefully. I was hoping to have my first ride on the weekend but it’ll have to wait. David has written 2 blog posts in the … Continue reading So far so good


I’m not much of a fan of New Years resolutions normally but I do have a few things in mind this year. I’ve already made a start on all of them which makes me feel more comfortable talking about it because I figure I’ve avoided the New Years resolution jinx, you know, the one where anything you resolve to start in the new year is guaranteed to have fallen by the wayside within a week at best. So, first up is my shiny sink (FlyLady code for a clean and tidy kitchen) . It’s been shiny for a week so … Continue reading Resolutions

Wheels and worries

Yesterday we did something we’d been planning on for some time now, we went to the local bicycle shop and bought bikes for the whole family. Both Dave and Caitlin had small bikes when they were younger but neither of them ever rode much and they never really got the hang of doing without the training wheels and Tom has only ever had trikes and his scooter. Adam and I had been thinking that going for bike rides as a family would be a great way to get all of us active and this seemed like a good time to … Continue reading Wheels and worries

Weigh-in week 11

For the last few days of this week I’d been trying to not get too excited as each morning my wildly inaccurate scales hinted to me that good things were happening. Well, I needn’t have worried, I’ve lost 3.5kg for a total of 10.1kg 😀 Switching to Core seems to have been a good plan! My focus for this week is to get some regular exercise happening, I’m aiming for three 30 minute walks in the week and sit-ups every day. Continue reading Weigh-in week 11