The walking is paying off!

I lost 0.6kg this week and I finally feel like I’m really starting to get somewhere again, it feels good πŸ™‚

I had my first go at training with the Huscarls on the weekend, using a shield to defend against a spear attack, it’s hard work! Fun though. I didn’t think I’d be very much interested in the combat side of things but I can see how it could draw you in. Adam has finished making a pair of shoes for Caitlin and is working on a pair of boots for David, when they’re done I’ll post a pic.

Conversation overheard between two Year 1 kids as they walked through the rain on Friday:
“It doesn’t hurt you if it’s only sprinkling, you won’t die.”
“You won’t die even if it’s not just sprinkling”
The earnest tone of the initial observation and the thoughtfully agreeing reply were priceless. I could just hear mum saying “For goodness sake, it’s just water, it won’t kill you!”

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