Two steps back, one step forward.

Last week I gained 1.7kg. This week I lost 0.7kg. *sigh* I really need to track properly, it’s the only thing that works for me and I can’t seem to make myself pick up a pen and do it. Adam and I were talking last night about our need to get moving on the health and fitness front, we keep promising each other that we’re going to stop talking and start doing so hopefully we can work together on this and keep each other on track. I did the meal plan for the week yesterday and all the shopping is done so there’s no excuse for not cooking decent meals and I have all my lunches and afternoon teas planned too, all I have to do is stick to it.

We’ve got back to using the budgeting software this week too, must be time for our annual get-our-lives-under-control drive. It feels so damn good when everything comes together and the chaos starts to recede, I’m determined to make it last this time round. No more dropping the bundle and letting things get on top of me anymore. I cleared out my FlyLady email folder yesterday, going to start at the beginning again with the proverbial baby-steps. This week’s zone is the main bedroom and next months habit is the before bed routine – perfect timing for getting Adam and I on track to get enough sleep for a change. I reckon sleep deprivation is our biggest problem, we both go to bed waaay too late and then drag ourselves around in a fog the next day only to repeat the idiocy the next night. So, 10:00pm lights out is the aim, I think I’ll start with 11:30pm and wind it back slowly from there, otherwise we’ll be lying in bed with our body clocks convinced we’ve gone to bed 3 hours earlier than normal 😛

I was going to finish with “wish me luck” but it’s not really luck that’s needed here, so instead I’ll say wish me determination…and non-feral children…okay, might need a little luck in there as well 😉

2 thoughts on “Two steps back, one step forward.

  1. How about I wish you peaceful sleep? And now I should go cook the fish that I actually remembered to marinate…(food is bought, bathrooms are *not* clean…)

  2. I’ve just lost the baby weight – and anton is in the middle of trying to lose weight. We have been using a nutritionist at Cherrybrook pharmacy – I did that after Ethan too and it really helped having someone who was going to weigh me each week – as well she made me write down everything I ate and all exercise. I had to lose the weight because having had pre-eclampsia twice I am a prime target for high blood pressure as I age. Heres hoping your new leaf turn goes well! and yeah we can probably go to a little bit of BBQ.

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