Weigh-in week ummm….

I think I’ll call this week 2. I hit the highest weight I’ve been, since starting back in Feb ’06, on Aug 14, but since then it feels like I’ve finally come out of some kind of fog and have re-committed to getting on with things. So, week 2 and I have a loss of 2.1kg to report, with which I am rather pleased. I tracked every day for the first time in months, I drank my water and I did a few walks plus a very energetic session of bowling and hey, guess what? It works! Who’d’ve thunk it?

Bought myself a new watch today as the old one needed a new battery, pressure testing AND repairs to the winder so in the end it was almost certainly cheaper to get a new one.

Still not getting enough sleep, need to keep working on that one.

One thought on “Weigh-in week ummm….

  1. Yep, who would have have “thunk” it!! Tracking, water and excersise…3 little words that do an aweful lot for us ehhhh?Have a another great week!Jen

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