Cool stuff

I promised photos of weaponry and other cool stuff a while back, so here I give you the collection so far. Adam made the shield, Caitlin’s shoes and David’s boots. There’s a spear and a pair of boots (for himself) in production. The bow, dagger and drinking horn were bought at Abbey.

The dagger is purely for decorative purposes on account of that pointy bit you see on the end there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Front of the shield already showing signs of having had the crap beaten out of it with spears and swords.

Back of the shield showing hand hole behind the boss and very pretty handle which, along with the boss, was made by the Huscarls’ blacksmith.

And here’s the Huscarls at training on Saturday where the beating of the shield – and Adam’s legs, very impressive bruises he’s got – took place.

Not everyone has full kit on in these pics as it’s just training but you get the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally, for good measure, here’s a couple of Tom, Dave and me doing our first training – defending against spear attack – a few weeks ago.

This week I’ve signed myself up for the first of a series of weekly challenges instigated by the very lovely yodaobi from the Weight Watchers message boards. This week is focused on tracking and it’s come at a good time because I went a bit wobbly there for a few days but this has me back on the straight and narrow. Weigh-in tomorrow, hope I haven’t done too much damage over the weekend.

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  1. HelloI want to say thankyou very much for your lovely words on my blog……I hope weigh in was good to you …take care

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