Someone scored big at the shops today

Caitlin showing off her new skirt, top and completely inappropriate high-heeled boots.

Actually several someones, none of them me, did quite well out of the shopping expedition today. Caitlin ended up with 3 pairs of shoes including the boots in the photo which have heels much too high for her age (nearly all her shoes are either falling apart or getting too small) and a dress, 2 skirts and 2 tops none of which she really needs. All 3 kids got new bike helmets and knee and elbow pads. Dave and Tom got new pjs, sunnies, shorts and belts. We bought TMNT, Space Jam and a PS2 Buzz Junior robot game from JBHiFi. And all I got was some medication from the chemist. But I had fun indulging them and they were all very well behaved, particularly the boys sitting through interminable shoe trying on by their sister – the young guy serving commented on how good they’d been, at which point they of course started to poke each other and whinge, but up till then….

One last food diary:
WWC Wk1 Day7

Eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato and an english muffin – 5.5pts
Cape fruit and nut roll from Bakers Delight and a lg skim cappuccino – 6pts
Crumbed chicken topped with ham and low-fat cheese, WW oven chips, corn on the cob and salad – 8.5pts
milk for tea – 1pt
Banana mountain bread wrap – 2pts
apple – 1pt

Total for the day: 24

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