Public holiday = BBQ party!

Friday was a no-blog day because I spent the morning frantically cleaning up and shopping, as one does, in preparation for having close on 20 people, mostly Browncoats, over for a BBQ in the afternoon and evening. Everyone who came brought with them vast quantities of gorgeous and for the most part healthy food and despite my original intentions to track points come hell or high water, I caved and just stopped worrying about it. There were vegan cupcakes cooked by Susan, vegan slices, salads and NOT-meatballs invented and cooked by the very talented ZB, Crusty Meatloaf & Lecso (capsicum and sun-dried tomato thing) courtesy of ozfinn, kebabs from Dana, vegetable lasagne and mint-slice from jacqfly, tuna slice from buffiness, and much more. We ate, drank, talked and then did it all some more, it was an awesome afternoon and night, despite the rain, and the food was delicious…so I wouldn’t let anyone leave without taking their leftovers with them LOL I even made a couple of them come back when they’d almost made it to their cars and take away Pringles and Kettle chips that they left behind!

Adam is off doing a 2 day sailing course this weekend so I’m home with the kids with nothing planned. Today I’ve sorted through both the boys’ and Caitlin’s wardrobes getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit any more and working out what we need to get for summer. If I’m feeling enthusiastic tomorrow we’ll go clothes and shoe shopping for all.

Just before lunch today I managed to muster up the energy to go outside and throw a ball around on the culde-sac with the kids, which is something I almost never do. It was so unusual that my eldest asked if we could please do it again sometime. This made me feel simultaneously sad that I haven’t done it more often and happy that I’m starting to now. I was thinking about it, and realised that, being the selfish creature that I am, and not really being particularly fond of very young children the reason I haven’t done much of that kind of playing is that I simply haven’t enjoyed it before. But this was genuinely fun for all of us. I reckon I’m really going to enjoy the next few years…and then along will come adolescence – eeep!

One more day of this first Wacky Weekly Challenge to go so tomorrow will be the last food diary I’ll be blogging, next week is exercise! Here’s the damage for yesterday and today:

WWC Wk1 Day5

weetbix, milk and peaches – 3pts
Tom yum soup and a mountain bread banana wrap – 6pts
Let’s see, there was orange and fig slice, chocolate cherry slice, raspberry coconut slice, peanut butter cupcake, mexican chili chocolate cupcake, marinated mushroom salad, citrus coleslaw, tofu-tahini-walnut-olive balls with tomato sauce, garden salad, lecso, a low-fat sausage, lamb capsicum and mushroom kebabs, vegetable lasagne, mint slice, king island brie and water crackers, fruit salad, a small glass of mead, many cups of tea…and ONE corn chip. And I have absolutely no idea how many points were involved but I’d go with LOTS as a good guess and it was worth every single one of them!
3x750ml, I think
frantic cleaning of house for 2 hours

Total for the day: 9 + LOTS = buggered if I know!

WWC Wk1 Day6

weetbix, milk and peaches – 3pts
2 sushi rolls, a few hot chips stolen from Caitlin and pumpkin & cauliflower soup – 6.5pts
Barrumundi pan fried in a little olive oil with garlic, dill and lemon, left-over garden salad with low fat caesar dressing, left-over low fat sausage with tomato sauce on a slice of bread – 11.5pts
milk for tea – 0.5pt
apple – 1pt
pumpkin & cauliflower soup – 0.5pt
Played ball on the culde-sac with the kids for 30 minutes

Total for the day: 23

One thought on “Public holiday = BBQ party!

  1. Focus on the coming week (exercise) dont dwell on the past……gawd why am I telling you this as if you wouldnt already know :)…have a great week x

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