Note to self:

No matter now many times it is said, or how clearly or with what warnings of dire consequences the kids will NOT take seriously the idea that they should refrain from endless demands to buy things we don’t need (or I don’t approve of) at the supermarket. *sigh* The fact that they were only with me because it was grandparents day today and I was conned into taking them home with me after lunch – a 1.5hr early mark! – made it all that much more fun. That and the sinus headache which made bending over to put things in the trolley so enjoyable.

In other news, I’ve instituted a computer and TV ban for a couple of days with a view to doing some fine-tuning on attitude and sibling relationships. The boys have been in constant conflict, I am greeted most mornings by them screaming at each other while I’m in the shower and nearly every interaction between Tom and either of the other two seems to end with Tom in tears. David oscillates unpredictably between being helpful and pleasant or being rude, aggressive and sullen. Caitlin, well, aside from giving me the look of death every time I try to poison her with new food and the whole making Tom cry thing, she’s been ok. With any luck they’ll be human again by Friday.

WWC Wk3 Day3
Two serves of fruit and 6 of vegetables today.
Egg and bacon muffin – 4.5pts
Wholemeal lavash wrap with extra light Philly, smoked salmon, grated carrot, shallots, capers, rocket and baby spinach – 5pts
Banana – 1pt
2 Peppercorn meat co. Italian beef sausages, onion, mushrooms and zucchini sauteed in olive oil, mashed potato and mashed sweet potato – 7.5pts
Cadbury turkish delight ice-cream tub – 1.5pts
milk for tea – 0.5pts
lg skim cappuccino – 2pts
4 fresh dates – 1pt
Total points for the day: 23

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