Weigh-in week 5

A loss of 0.2kg today for a total of 5.7kg gone, bloody miraculous I call it considering how the second half of last week went. I’m going to go back to tracking here in blog-land I’m afraid, seems work best with the keeping me honest thing. I shall endeavor to include witty anecdotes (or something anyway) with every post in order to break the monotony.

WWC Wk3 Day1&2
The focus is on 2 fruit and 5 veg per day this week. Monday was ok with 3 fruit and ~4 serves of veg. Today I’ve had 2 fruit and 6 serves of veg.
Large skinny cappuccino – 2pts
Tom yum noodle soup with prawns and a banana – 7.5pts
2 teriyaki chicken kebabs, rice and stir-fry veg with hoi-sin sauce – 10pts
milk for tea – 0.5pts
pear – 1pt
sugar for coffee – 0.5pts
vegetable & barley soup – 1pt
Total points for the day: 22.5

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