Let’s play traumatise the kids!

I lost it tonight, in a loud and unreasonable manner, much yelling, sarcasm and hyperbole about just how hideous they all are. I need a holiday 😦 Later, as I was putting them to bed they each apologised for their behaviour and we promised each other to make tomorrow a better day. I think I’d better say sorry for my part in it in the morning. I hate that I don’t seem to have enough emotional energy to keep my focus on the WW stuff and still have enough left over for the family, of course being sick and Adam being away hasn’t helped this week but even so, I should be able to do better than this.

Edited to add: It would seem my kids are not all that unusual, Mir has clones of them

Stuff that made me smile today:
1. Jen was at ezy-dvd yesterday and emailed me to say “got chatting to the guy there when I saw they had these cool Stargate mouse mats to go with S10 (Ben!!!). Explained that I was borrowing the whole series from you so he gave me two of them – one for me and one for “my nice friend”!” So now I have an SG-1 mousepad.
2. I was in Bunnings this morning buying plastic sheeting to line shelves in the uniform shop and found myself standing in the line for the checkouts behind one of the mums from school. She says to me “I like your t-shirt”. This was significant because I was wearing the caffeine t-shirt from ThinkGeek and that’s the first time some-one from my non-net life has understood what it was without me explaining.
3. Adam came home and told me about the presentation he did on Wednesday. Apparently it was very well received…he dressed up as a pirate and told everyone they could ask questions at any time during the talk on one condition, they had to do so in pirate speak 😀

WWC Wk3 Day4
3 serves of fruit and 6 of vegetables today.
weetbix, peaches and milk – 3pts
2 slices wholemeal bread with onion & tomato flavoured tuna, mushrooms, capers and cheese, grilled and vegetable & barley soup – 6 pts
veal casserole with onion, tomato, mushrooms and capsicum on fettuccini with steamed asparagus – 5pts
banana and natural yoghurt with maple syrup – 2.5pts
milk for tea – 1pts
lg skim cappuccino – 2pts
2 fresh dates – 0.5pts
1 slice think fruit toast – 3pts
Total points for the day: 23

3 thoughts on “Let’s play traumatise the kids!

  1. I am currently addicted to threadless tees – people submit designs and they are scored by the threadless community then they print the best – still can’t decide what my first purchase should be….

  2. im a dumbie have no idea what you are on about lol…….kids test us ….. good thing is to learn and communicate …hope today is a better today for you all…looks like your tracking is going great :)x

  3. I dunno, it seems reasonable that kids see what happens when they push people over the edge. Why should you be the only person on the planet that can keep it all together all the time? I can guarantee you are being more reasonable on a day to day basis than I am at the moment…

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