First, find the DVD…

It took me nearly 45 minutes to find the bloody DVD for the resistance workout I’d planned to do today, I found several other long-missing objects in the process, and in the end it was Adam who found it – in a pile of stuff I’d only gone through twice. Then I did the workout and some extra sit-ups and reverse crunches too 😀 Walking the kids to school went well, David and Tom were only pissed off at me for the first 5 or so minutes.

I went out for lunch with Jen today, we were supposed to be going to a Japanese place and having sushi, but when we got there the restaurant was gone! So we went to Blue Water Grill instead. The menu there is a mine-field of deliciously tempting evil food, I went with a grilled barramundi burger and Jen stole half my wedges so it was all good in the end (actually it was pretty good at the time too, seriously yummy food that place has).

weetbix, apricots and milk – 3pts
Fish burger and wedges – 12.5pts
Spiral pasta bolognese + parmesan; tomato, basil and bocconcini salad; green salad with avocado; olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing – 7.5pts
milk for tea – 1pt
1/2 slice of fruit toast – 1.5pts
40 minutes walk, 30 minutes resistance workout – 5.5 bonus points
Total points for the day: 25.5

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