I don’t like Mondays. No, wait. Mondays good, sausages bad…

Nice quiet family day today. Lord of the Rings miniatures got painted, a BBQ lunch was eaten on the front deck, I did some grocery shopping and we walked to the park and played basketball.

I decided at lunch that I wanted one of the not quite so low fat sausages I get for the kids, I had plenty of points, what the hell I thought. Well. I remember now why I say I don’t like sausages. Bleh 😛 Greasy and tasteless. I won’t buy them again, it’ll be Peppercorn Meat Company snags for all of us from now on.

I’m currently 2hrs and 35min into my allotted 4hrs of computer time and I’m looking forward to getting a decent night’s sleep!

weetbix, apricots & milk – 3pts
fillet steak, 4 seed roll, greek salad, 1/3 of one of the kids’ sausages (YUK!) and BBQed onion, asparagus and yellow capsicum – 8pts
wholemeal lavash wrap with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, shallots, baby spinach and grated carrot – 5.5pts
haloumi cheese – 4pts
watermelon – 0.5pts
milk for tea – 1pt
banana – 1pt
carrot – 0pt
pumpkin & cauliflower soup – 0.5pts
30min walking with the kids and 30min resistance workout- 4.5 bonus points
Total points for the day: 23.5

2 thoughts on “I don’t like Mondays. No, wait. Mondays good, sausages bad…

  1. Hello Mim!Just thought I’d click on that little comment thingy on the end of your post so you’d know you weren’t talking to yourself :)I really hate that! When you eat something bad….like a greasy sausage….and it tastes disgusting! and you didn’t enjoy it anyway. So that means you just ate a whole heap of fat for no reason !!!! Arrrggghhhh.

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