Weigh-in week 7

Woot! Lost another 0.9kg πŸ™‚ Brings me to 9.1kg gone, dare I hope to reach the 10kg mark next week?

Adam’s car is probably in the shop till Friday. Poor boy, having to do without his little red toy. He wanted to go visit the leather supplies shop and sailing bookshop place sometime this week, I might take pity on him and drag the kids around to do some daddy shopping one day. It’s not like we have anything else planned and I’d quite like to see the leather place.

I went way over my 4 hours on the computer today, and I’m up well past 10pm too. Hmph, it’s holidays πŸ˜› I’ll behave the rest of the week, need to make sure I’m out of the house for the larger part of the day – better plan some stuff to do with the kids.

lg skinny cappuccino – 2pts
Tom yum soup with mushrooms, shallots and tuna – 4pts
grilled barramundi, greek salad and 2 chips (stolen from Adam’s plate) – 7pts
mango gelato – 1.5pts
muesli, yoghurt and maple syrup – 5pts
milk for tea – 0.5pts
banana and apple – 2pts
2 Allens snakes – 1.5pts
Total points for the day: 23.5

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