I is tired.

I is tired wurk too hard

Today was one of my busy Wednesdays. Every so often my volunteering duties at the school align to give me a day like today.

It began with reading groups in Caitlin’s class at 9:00am which I left early to go to reading groups in Tom’s class at 9:30am. Then at 10:15am I went and collected Uniform Pool stuff from the office and and spent a short time pottering about in the uniform shop before beginning my Canteen shift at 11:00am.

We were down one volunteer at canteen because no-one has stepped up to fill the vacancy that came up when the mum I’m usually on with couldn’t do it any more. Fortunately the morning shift had managed to get pretty much all the food preparation done and the canteen manager and I were able to get through everything ok, we were putting the last 2 lunches in the class baskets just as the bell went. However, at the end of the shift I was stuck with doing on my own the work that is usually shared by two and instead of finishing at 1:30pm or soon after I was there till 2:20pm.

With only half an hour to go before the end of the school day there was no point in going home. So I stayed. I was at the school the whole bloomin’ day. Didn’t even manage to nick off to maccas and grab a decent coffee at any point.

mmmmm coffffeeeee…..

2 thoughts on “I is tired.

  1. Thank goodness for mums like you, Mim.When my kids went to the local school I was very involved, helping out with reading and (being a teacher) taking lots of specialised groups. Then there were excursions, fete, etc.Now my kids go to school 30 minutes away and this has made it harder for me to help out. Kinder is just around the corner and pick up and drop off times often clash with the times I would be needed to help at school. I’m heavily involved at kinder (committee, milk and fruit roster etc) but I feel bad about not helping out at school.My youngest trots off to school next year so I will once again be free to help. I have to say at the moment I look at the vacancies on the canteen roster with extreme guilt!

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