We have Wii

When Adam was away at the conference in Amsterdam recently his name was drawn from a hat to win a Wii. The criteria for getting your name in the hat in the first place was to be one of those still in attendance right at the bitter end of proceedings, so I guess it was by way of compensation, or something. Anyway, today he brought it home with him (he had it posted to the office). There is, of course, much excitement. The kids have all played bowling on Wii Sports, David scored 224 pins and is mightily pleased with himself, and now Tom and Caitlin are playing tennis – or trying to anyway. The first thing Tom did when playing tennis was to throw the remote across the room – eek!

David is currently posting a boast about his bowling score on his brand new blog. Which you aren’t allowed to read without an invite because he’s only 10 and I’m not letting the net loose on him 😛 I think I may have found a way to get him writing regularly! I’ve suggested a blog a couple of times in the past but he always turned his nose up at the idea, however, this afternoon Caitlin was wanting me to post more of her Doctor Moo drawings and I suggested that she should have her own blog to post them on instead. So we signed her up (nope, you can’t read hers either!) and Dave suddenly developed an interest in having one for himself. Should’ve thought of that before.

Now to drag the kids away from the Wii and get them headed for bed – wish me luck, I’m gonna need it!

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