It’s been a long, long time since I last played chess and I wasn’t particularly good at it back then, I figured I was doing well to remember the moves for each piece and how to set up the board. Dave and I both claimed that we had no idea what we were doing but I suspect he was trying to be kind to me, after all he has 6 months of chess club under his belt. I was doing so well right up to the point where I completely failed to notice my queen was under threat and David … Continue reading Chess

Muuum! Stop blogging!

After a slow start to the day we went off to my mum’s place for lunch where we finished off the last of her Christmas ham. Then I fixed her table tennis table (it needed a couple of new screws on one of the hinges) and we had a frantic search of her garage looking for the net, paddles and balls. Mum, the kids and I took turns playing one-on-one, I think the longest rally of the day that wasn’t between Mum and I was 5 hits, we all spent much more time chasing after errant balls than actually playing! … Continue reading Muuum! Stop blogging!

Well, that was extraordinarily frustrating

Santa brought Guitar Hero World Tour for the kids this year. It was unpacked and set up with much excitement…and then nothing, the game wouldn’t start up, we couldn’t get the PS2 to read the disc. Great. We know it’s not the player, all the other games still work just fine. Rather naively, as it turns out, we assumed that we could simply take the disc back and have it swapped for one that worked. HA! Oh foolish ones! We took the disc in to EB Games at Hornsby and explained the situation. We were told that no, they couldn’t … Continue reading Well, that was extraordinarily frustrating


I got nothing, have some giant microbes: Last November I got to day 22 before hitting the wall and fobbing you off with my shoe collection, I hate to think what depths I’ll be driven to in another week from now. I think what this collection has over the shoes is its undeniable cuteness, geek value and the therapeutic benefits of being able to throw small stuffed toys at one’s children while yelling “Plague! Mad Cow Disease! Flesh Eating Bacteria!” The kids have devised a complex game with specific rules for the use of each critter. Various diseases can only … Continue reading Plague!

And a fun time was had by all

Tonight was the P&C Trivia Night. More a social occasion than a fundraiser so not too much organising needed to be done, I bought a few prizes and we decorated the school hall with some token balloons and tealight candles on the tables. Ariane‘s sister was our trivia master for the night and she did an awesome job, everyone was very appreciative. So, we sat around eating cheese and bikkies, drinking red wine, answering trivia questions, attempting to burn down the school… …WHAT? Um. You know those tealight candles on the tables? Turns out it wasn’t such a brilliant idea … Continue reading And a fun time was had by all

This was much easier than making a dragon cake

Dave’s 11th birthday party was a big success, the boys all had a great time playing Dungeons and Dragons. I was by no means sure that it would work out today as none of them had ever played before, but all went well under Adam’s expert GM-ing and by the time we were half-way through the session they were all asking when they could come back and play again. Actually, I enjoyed it too, it’s many years since I last played any RPGs, I hope this will be the start of regular games. My level 1 thief did quite nicely … Continue reading This was much easier than making a dragon cake

We have Wii

When Adam was away at the conference in Amsterdam recently his name was drawn from a hat to win a Wii. The criteria for getting your name in the hat in the first place was to be one of those still in attendance right at the bitter end of proceedings, so I guess it was by way of compensation, or something. Anyway, today he brought it home with him (he had it posted to the office). There is, of course, much excitement. The kids have all played bowling on Wii Sports, David scored 224 pins and is mightily pleased with … Continue reading We have Wii

DIY Munchkin cards

This afternoon the kids decided to make their own Munchkin cards. This is one of Tom’s creations – a Level 20 Tooth Fairy, if you defeat it you get 4 treasures and go up 3 levels, but should you lose the fight the bad stuff that happens is “pulls out your teeth, lose a level”. If you’re trying to remember why this seems vaguely familiar it’ll be because you’ve read Hogfather. Continue reading DIY Munchkin cards