Day 22 and I’m getting desperate.

Therefore, in the spirit of NoBloShoeMo, only all at once instead of one pair each day, I give you my shoe collection.

The notable thing about this picture is that it contains every pair of shoes I own, in pairs, tidy and accessible. That would be because of the brand new shoe rack on which they are arrayed.

Useless facts about my shoes: there is one pair which has never been worn; there is one pair that has been worn only once; there is one pair which I have had since 1992; 9 out of the 19 pairs are Colorado brand; and finally, I HATE pink but wear those thongs when going swimming anyway because I can’t be bothered getting round to buying another pair.

4 thoughts on “Day 22 and I’m getting desperate.

  1. I like shoes but I don’t own many – tend to buy a pair and wear them constantly, so they wear out before too old. I think I own 10 pairs – 2 thongs, 2 ballet flats, 3 heels, 1 boots, 1 sneakers, 1 slippers. But usually I only have about 3 on rotation. And of those 3 usually one fave pair that gets worn most. so 30 days of shoes would be very boring with me…..

  2. In my never-ending quest to find a pair of shoes *that aren’t sneakers* that are comfortable to walk a decent length of time in, I’ve gone through a considerable number of shoes over the years. I used to have a pair of Doc Marten boots in red patent leather that were fantastic. Unfortunately they just plain wore out and I’ve never had the patience to wear in another pair. Then there was the Colorado sandals that I bought one trip to Brisbane. They were so good I bought a pair the same for my Mum and my sister, who loved them as much as I did. Sadly, Colorado only made them for one season, and since then, every pair I’ve had was either too heavy, too rigid or plasticy in the sole, or just gave me too many blisters to be worth the trouble of wearing. I have a pair of Campers I’ve had for five years now, and still wear often. They’ve definitely justified their high price tag, but are too warm to wear on summer days. I’m hoping the pair of Ipenema thongs that I bought last week will not continue to cause blisters on the toe, and will in fact turn out to be the perfect summer shoe. Time will tell. 🙂

  3. And i thought caitlin had a lot of shoes…i think i own 5 pairs of shoes, oh and a pair of fuzzy santa clogs, but they dont count.

  4. ah the joys of a shoe rack! isn’t it magnificent! :Di don’t even want to think about the number of shoes that i have – suffice to say that the answer is too many!and what did i do this morning – i bought a new pair of shoes! lolat least there was a good reason behind this purchase – my new, very pretty, brown dress that i bought from Torrid, I bought in mind to wear with my knee-high brown boots. however, in summer it’s far too hot to be wearing boots. so yesterday i wore the dress with a pair of brown shoes that i bought a year ago and have never worn before – which resulted in blisters on my heels! but as i’m wanting to wear the dress again on the weekend, i decided to buy a brown pair of fancy looking thongs instead! hooray for kmart! 😀

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