Definitely easier this year.

Caitlin received her five year trophy for dance tonight (which she’s been hanging out for for three years) and it’s sitting in pride of place on top of the entertainment unit, the equivalent in this house of sending it straight to the pool room. She danced well, I can see such a change from last year, much more precise and focused, and she coped very professionally when she slipped and fell in the evening performance doing ballet – just hopped up and kept going barely missing a beat. I seem to be having a “be proud of Caitlin” week, can’t be helped, she deserves it 😀 Tap and Jazz both went off without a hitch at both the matinee and evening performances and ballet was without incident at the matinee too. I was in the audience for the evening one and helping backstage as usual for the matinee.

Five years of dance and five years of helping out backstage and this year, for the first time, I am NOT a quivering wreck at the end of the day. There are new mums coming in to help out with the younger kids and seeing as they are the ones that need the most help and supervision I found I was able to sit back a bit and enjoy the increasing independence of the older kids. It also helped immensely that this year we had a hairdresser backstage to help with all the changes of hairstyle, we mums did the easy ones and palmed the harder ones off on her 😉

Here’s my girl in her three different costumes – NB three completely different hairstyles as well, it’s always good to have a challenge!




4 thoughts on “Definitely easier this year.

  1. Hi Mim! Had my first gain. It’s helped to shock me back into action though. How are you going with your weight loss?Your daughter is a pretty girl, mine turns 16 tomorrow….I feel so old!

  2. Caitie was really cute, i must admit i was shocked to see how little the pre-primary kids were and i thought caitie was one of those 5 years ago, only smaller…

  3. OH beam away!!!You have so much to be proud of!What a tallented and beautiful girl you have.The outfits are sooo cute too.Well done Mim. I know I said it before but your ongoing children’s success is an indicator of how wonderful their parents are.They are so lucky to have an involved mum.. I only hope I will be as proud as you are one day.(Although I get “bouncing up and down if my boy does a poop!!!”=0)

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