Dear god the STRESS!!

The continuing saga of the talent quest – Caitlin, not content to rest on her laurels after her singing, has decided to enter with a friend in the dancing section as well. Now, this would be all fine and dandy had they made this decision a couple of weeks ago instead 4 days before they have to officially enter. We need the song chosen and the choreography done by Monday. The girls have just spent an hour agonising over song choice and are at present toying with the possibility of using Greased Lightning. Looks like Caitlin’s friend will be coming over on Sunday too ’cause there’s no way it’ll all come together before her mum arrives to pick her up in about 10 minutes. I’m not so secretly hoping they decide it’s in the too hard basket and give it a miss this year.

I’m off to see The Music of John Williams at the Opera House tonight. I should probably find something other than denim shorts and a tank top to wear.

Also, this marks the end of NaBloPoMo – I did it! Was it fun for you too?

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