Weigh-in week 16

I lost 0.1kg over the last two weeks, which I am insanely happy about. Last week I sort of stepped on the scales and then bounced off again before I could really read what they said, but not before glimpsing the wrong digit in the tens spot – YIKES! – which would have been a gain of nearly 3 kg. So, I must have lost that again in the last week and um, yeah, pleased I am 😀 Total is now 7.9kg gone, I want that 10kg loss back before Christmas.

One thought on “Weigh-in week 16

  1. You go girl! Awesome result considering you are being a supermum at the sametime.Love ya heaps!!!I take some credit as my lack of snoring means you are getting a some decent sleep.(From Nomadic Husband)

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