Party time!

Our Christmas party on Saturday afternoon and evening seemed to go well, I certainly had fun and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one. We began the afternoon with the traditional sharing of diseases. What? That’s not part of your usual Christmas celebrations? Viv, aka tigtog, fared particularly badly on the contagion front. A little later on, just as Adam had been obliged to duck out for a few minutes, this strange man dressed in a completely inappropriate fashion for a summer day in Sydney, turned up carrying a sack full of goodies. The kids seemed to know what … Continue reading Party time!

It’s been a long day

You know how I said I might try ice-skating today? Well, I did. I was really apprehensive because I had memories from the last time I tried, years ago, of being so distressed that all I wanted to do was hide somewhere and cry. I remembered that my feet had been in agony but I couldn’t remember what it had been like on the ice. Was I still able to skate (I used to go regularly for sport in high-school and had taken lessons when I lived in the US) or was it just an exercise in frustration and humiliation? … Continue reading It’s been a long day

Good day

The beginning of my day: Adam has been making me awesome breakfasts for almost 20 years, this morning I said I was craving pancakes and bacon and eggs. I got up, had my shower, got dressed…et voilà! The middle of my day: I took Caitlin shopping. She ended up with FOUR pairs of shoes. They were: school shoes which cost a bloody fortune, long black boots at 25% off bought slightly big in the hope they’ll be good for next winter and 2 pairs of crappy flats from Kmart which cost $5.60 a pair and will probably do horrible things … Continue reading Good day

Now for some photos

We arrived in Brisbane on Friday evening to be greeted by Adam’s long lost twin brother…or maybe it was Joe, fellow Browncoat, organiser of shindigs and generally evil guy. When Joe was heading home on Sunday evening there was a brief “this jacket feels strangely wrong” incident 🙂 I don’t have many photos from Saturday at Abbey, but Adam did take a fair few of us playing around at the archery range which was being run by the Companye of Northumbria. Here we have Caitlin in her very non-authentic outfit, it’s a miracle that skirt stayed up all day, good … Continue reading Now for some photos

Hub Productions is bringing Nathan Fillion downunder!

Hub Productions presents “Serenity” Syd 10th, Melb 11th May 2008 Oh, and Ron Glass too 🙂 I’ve had a VIP ticket to this event reserved since way back in April last year when they announced a convention which promised 3 Big Damn Heroes, no names confirmed, and have been waiting all that time for confirmation of Captain Tightpants’ attendance. It’ll be nice if we get a 3rd cast member as well but even if we don’t it’ll be well worth the wait! Continue reading Hub Productions is bringing Nathan Fillion downunder!

I blog therefore I am

When we were driving all those hours on Thursday and Friday I found myself thinking about what I would post if only I had managed to get around to setting up blogging from my mobile. So I picked up a pad of paper and a pencil and began doing it the old-fashioned way. Adam laughed at me. Thursday, January 10, 2008I have wheels We began the day with a trip out to Glenorie with 2 yowling cats in the back of the car. Tom apparently found this hysterically funny greeting each mournful “Merrrowwwwl” with loud giggling. This got old very … Continue reading I blog therefore I am

We’re all going on a summer holiday…

*no more working for a week day or two* My mum used to sing that as we headed off on our many camping holidays way back when. It just popped into my head now as I was playing around with the phrase “we’re off on a holiday” trying to make it sound vaguely interesting. I shall have to remember to annoy the kids with it tomorrow afternoon on our way south. They find it disturbing when I start serenading them with the songs my parents used to sing. There’s “Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow” (obvious application here), “It’s … Continue reading We’re all going on a summer holiday…

We’ve been busy

Saturday’s project was the gingerbread house, I baked the gingerbread on Friday night, then assembled it and let the kids loose on it in the morning. They were very thorough… My mum had come over to spend some time with us and she got quite caught up in the creative process too, I think those rows of smarties along the edge of the roof are down to her 🙂 After doing some cooking for the next day’s picnic we headed into the city to meet up with Jenni (ChingTing) and Kat (Ninox), SOz members who were up from Canberra. We … Continue reading We’ve been busy

Left-overs? What left-overs?!

I’d been telling people all week that I was expecting around 50 people to come to our Christmas party last night and that half of them would be kids. I’m pretty sure that those figures were right back at the beginning of the week. But then I kept telling other people “Hey, we’re having a party! You should come along!” And they all did. I’d catered based on my original numbers so it’s a bloody good thing that I and all my fellow Browncoats are chronic over- caterers because according to my calculations this morning we in fact had 75 … Continue reading Left-overs? What left-overs?!


Fellow Browncoat JenskiJen is on holidays in the US…sort of. While she was in LA, the Writers Guild of America went on strike. And Jen, being Jen, volunteered to help out the fandom support campaign. The full story is on her LJ but to save you the trouble of an extra click you can read it all here 😉 Writers on Strike – Fans4Writers CampaignYou would think that when I travel all the way from Australia to the US to go on a holiday, I’d just relax and have fun, right? Um… well, see… while I was in LA, the … Continue reading Fans4writers