Menu plan 4 Feb 08

Tuna rice bake & salad. Dessert: Fruit & yogurt. – This’ll be interesting, the kids and tuna is a bad combination, I may swap the tuna for chicken if I’m not up to the confrontation.
Oven chicken, noodles & salad. Dessert: Fruit & yogurt. – Adam has signed up for drawing classes and won’t be home for dinner, taking the easy route here.
Spiced snapper with nutty rice. Dessert: Jelly & fruit. – This one is for me, bugger what the kids think.

Mango chicken curry & rice. Dessert: Fruit & yogurt. – I can have this ready and waiting for when we get back from Caitlin’s ballet class at 7pm.
Sausages, mashed potato + veg. Dessert: Ice cream & fruit. – Bangers and mash 🙂
Japanese takeaway. Dessert: Fresh fruit. – I’ve been craving Japanese all week.
Steak, jacket potato & salad. Dessert: Fresh fruit. – And finally a BBQ for the boy.

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