For once the avocado was perfect

The meal planning thing has been working quite well this week as far as the dinners go, I may as well not have bothered planning my lunches though, I don’t think I followed it once all week for lunch. I swapped the tacos for spag bol on Thursday and had the presence of mind to pop the avocado in the fridge rather than leaving it on the fruit bowl. When I cut into it tonight in great trepidation I was mightily surprised to be greeted with a perfectly ripened, unblemished and completely delicious fruit – I must have been channeling Lisa when I chose it!

Adam and I went to Sapore di Mare, a local Italian place, for dinner last night, the food at this place is gorgeous marred only by an odd habit of overusing pickled garden vegetables in their salads and adorning their scrumptious desserts with what appears to be Cottee’s chocolate topping. We took a bottle of Surveyors Hill reisling which we’d bought when we stayed at their B&B a couple of years ago and it was pretty darn good, I hope we’ve got some more of it down in the cellar. We then came home and proceeded to stay up way too late enjoying the total absence of children in the house (thanks mum!), slept in this morning, dragged ourselves out of bed and up to Hornsby for breakfast at Coffee Club and then popped into the craft supplies shop for a bead buying fix for me (Adam bought a big lump of clay). Then it was back to reality and lunch at my mum’s place. Not a bad way to celebrate 16 years of marriage 🙂

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