Today began with tears

And I have a sore throat from yelling at the kids. Great.

I was woken to the sound of David and Tom fighting followed by Tom bursting into tears and then coming downstairs to complain to me about the fact that I’ve banned all computer game playing between dinner time Sunday and Friday afternoon. I threatened to extend it to an all week ban for two weeks if I had to listen to any more whinging about it. So he went back upstairs and had another fight with David. More tears.

By the time I’d had my shower Caitlin was up and dressed and eating breakfast, I asked the boys to get dressed and have breakfast too. While I was getting dressed I was serenaded with yet another fight, all three this time and tears from Tom and Caitlin. That’s when the throat hurting yelling happened along with a large dose of sarcasm on the subject of having a wonderful start to the day and how proud we must all be of the way we’re behaving. Then I told them they were all banned from computer games for 2 weeks. Errrr….bugger, 2 weeks is a lot of keeping the kids amused.

While we waited for Tom to put his shoes and socks on I sat down to check my email and soothe my soul with a little blog reading. A visit to Whatever found me introducing David and Caitlin to bacon cat and xkcd. There was much laughter. All is well with the world and I’ve promised them all a wander through the xkcd archives this afternoon.

But my throat still hurts.

5 thoughts on “Today began with tears

  1. Mim – don’t you just HATE days like that. We are sometimes woken by the sounds of our Miss Em having a meltdown in the kitchen after her big sister has ‘helped’ her with something. I’m sure you’ll find something for them to do for the 2 weeks…weed pulling??? Toothbrush to the tiled floor areas?? A sweat shop in the garage making clothes to sell on ebay???Hope your day got better hun.Nat

  2. Hi Mim,What a glorious morning you’ve had!! I can only hope that your day improves. Children are all too good at pushing our buttons, and they can always pick the best days to push them. Wishing you the best of luck for the next two weeks.Tracey

  3. heheI am constantly amazed at the similarities in taste. I ACTUALLY have xkcd comic on my works computer wallpaper at the mo.=0)I’m not looking forward to mornings like that… Maybe I’ll stik with just the one baby!

  4. So what happens when they start reading your blog? You’ll have to weave in messages just for them, subtly of course… πŸ™‚

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