Requiem for a dishwasher

My dishwasher died this morning. Mid-cycle there was a weird gurgle, a loud *POP* and a very terminal seeming burning smell. Seeing as the thing is positively ancient and literally falling apart on the outside we decided there was not much point in pursuing repairs so off we went to buy a new one. And managed to talk ourselves into a Miele, something to do with it being worth spending the extra money on something we’ll be using every day rather than skimp and be pissed off with it every time we use it.

See, the recently defunct dishwasher, ancient though it was, had one very big thing going for it. It cleaned stuff better than any other dishwasher I have ever encountered. We could put dishes in there that had barely been scraped, let alone rinsed, and the load would come out sparkling clean. I have no doubt that its water and energy consumption were sky high, it was unbelievably noisy, it was ratty looking and difficult to open on account of half the handle having broken off and it didn’t really fit in the space under the bench which made it impossible to open the adjacent cabinet door to more than half-way, but all that I could forgive in the light of its awesome gunk eradicating powers. The new machine has a lot to live up to.

It’s being delivered on Friday.

Which means a whole week without a dishwasher.

Assuming it actually fits in the almost certainly not quite standard hole in which the current dishwasher resides.

If it doesn’t fit I guess I’ll just have to get a new kitchen.

Hold me.

5 thoughts on “Requiem for a dishwasher

  1. Hey Mim – haven’t seen you for a while, hope you’re doing ok – other than the whole dishwasher thing – ack!Good luck with it fitting in etc.Nat

  2. Ahh for a dishwasher that does its job effectively and reliably… our last place had a Bosch which was pretty good – could never manage Darren’s scrambled eggs saucepans, but other than that, was fairly good. In the new place, we have a Blanco, which is conclusive proof that a European-sounding name does not make it a good appliance. Cleaning is patchy for the most part, but the worst aspect of it is the way the top tray is laid out. I don’t know what sort of glasses are supposed to fit in it – perhaps shot glasses – because none of ours do comfortably. And it’s brand new, so there’s no hope of replacing it just for a niggling annoyance like that. I too would like a nice shiny Miele in the kitchen. With the cutlery drawer in the top of the machine. *sigh*

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