Menu plan 18 Feb 08

Last week went pretty much according to plan the only changes being that Friday’s grilled fish turned into takeaway fish and chips and Sunday’s baked dinner was cooked by my mum instead of me, and damn good it was too – thanks mum!

This week it’s all about me staying sane while Adam is away in the US for the week, I have a P&C meeting to go to on Tuesday night and meet the teacher night is on Wednesday so I’m making it as easy as possible.

Oven chicken and chips
Fruit & yogurt
Chinese takeaway – I can order this and then pick it up on the way back from getting Caitlin from dance classes.
Ice cream & fruit
Spaghetti Bolognese + salad – sauce is in the freezer ready to go.
Fresh fruit

Lamb rogan josh & rice – from a jar, very quick and easy.
Jelly & fruit
Veal casserole & noodles – left-overs from last week, the boys liked it, Caitlin not so much.
Fresh fruit
Stir fry pork & veg + rice
Fruit & yogurt
Homemade pizza
Fruit & yogurt

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