Menu plan 25 Feb 08

Um, let’s not talk about how last week went. At least the fact that I didn’t at any point manage to do a proper grocery shop means that there wasn’t any food to waste. Never mind, after all, the best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men gang aft agley do they not?

Baked dinner – lamb shanks and lots of baked veg mmmmmm
Apple pie & custard
Lasagne & salad – Tom will be mightily unimpressed if there’s no meat involved so I may do two smaller ones (one veggie and one meat).
Ice cream & fruit
Chicken rice bake & salad
Fresh fruit

Veal casserole & noodles – yep, this is the leftovers that didn’t get used last week.
Jelly & fruit
Hamburgers & oven wedges
Fresh fruit
Steak and kidney & mashed potato – living dangerously, even Adam’s not too sure about this one but it’s a favourite of mine from childhood so I’m going to inflict it on them all anyway. Also this counts as my new meal for March.
Fruit & yogurt
Oven baked cajun fish, chips & salad
Fruit & yogurt

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