Still doing the Weight Watchers thing

It just went a little haywire there for a while. For most of February I’d been feeling really down, overwhelmed by the smallest things, unable to get going on anything much, grouchy, stressed, wanting to spend my days curled up in a corner in denial of reality and generally pretty unpleasant to be with. Then suddenly, for no apparent reason, in the last few days the grey clouds have lifted and life is good again. It’s weird but it’s good, I wish I knew why ’cause then I might be able to do something if things go bad again.

I was trying on clothes this morning and found myself grinning at my own reflection and thinking “you’re ok girl, we can do this” (apparently I became plural for the purposes of self pep-talking), which may have something to do with recording a 1.1kg loss this morning after several weeks of gains due to out of control binging, or maybe it’s just because I suddenly feel like me again. So here I am almost back where I started and very oddly feeling pretty damn good about myself, my body as it is here and now, and life in general.

I also had one of the people I weighed tell me she loves coming to the meeting because I and the other staff are so wonderful – that helps with the ego boosting too 😉

(If you’re wondering what happened to my weight loss ticker, I got sick of looking at it every time I blogged so I stuck it right down the bottom, it’s still there and I’m still updating it but you have to scroll all the way down to see it.)

3 thoughts on “Still doing the Weight Watchers thing

  1. I’m watching my weight again as of this week, as Christmas – February has Xmas, new year, youngest’s bday, chinese new year, my anniversary, valentines day………..the weight was slowing but surely going back on. Thought I’ve got a month til Easter to get on a steady keel again….glad to hear you are feeling happy – me too – I think finally around now the year settles into a routine again.

  2. Awsome news Mim am so happy your feeling good and back into it…what a nice compliment to receive ..heres to a good week 🙂

  3. Good to hear you’re feeling positive again. I noticed you’ve been blogging less. Good luck in picking the pattern, writing it down might even make a one apparent eventually.

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