My morning had been going so well

I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate lice. Why oh why is it that I discover the little buggers just when we’re at the get hair done and we’ll be ready to leave for school point? This morning is the third time that has happened to me. Suddenly we go from being well and truly on time – early even! – to rocking up to school 20 minutes late with wet hair all round. All 3 kids had a head full of creepy things, there was no way I could responsibly send them to school without treating them. Bugger, bugger, bugger. Anyway, must have been the quickest 3 way delousing I’ve ever done.

Of course I then spent the next few hours with my scalp itching like crazy and convinced I could feel something actually crawling around up there. I gave in at 1pm and did my own hair. Didn’t find even one single bug.

Psychosomatic lice.

I think I hate them even more than the real ones….

….no, perhaps not.

5 thoughts on “My morning had been going so well

  1. I am just so dreading that. We escaped the first round at school, but our luck can’t hold out for too long. My scalp is itchy….

  2. Oh God – they are one of my greatest hates in life. As a child I had massively long hair and NEVER got them. My Miss 14 had them chronically for about 4 months…we later found out that the child she sat next to had parents who refused to treat her lice!Miss Em has thankfully escaped them even with her long hair – touch wood.And I agree…psychosomatic lice would have to be far worse than the real things!

  3. Oh I hear you, Mim! When I was teaching I had one child in my grade who constantly had them and my fear was that I would catch them. I had psychosomatic lice for six months, until…I did get them!! let me assure you the real thing is no fun when you are adult! At the time I had waist length, thick curly hair. It took days to get the buggers out!!!Gotta go now…my head is itching!

  4. Oh, I know the feeling all too well. As long as I keep my son’s hair short, he doesn’t get them. But as soon as it starts growing (he has thick hair), the bugga’s appear.I lost count of how many times my daughter caught them in her 1st year of school grrr

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