My morning had been going so well

I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate lice. Why oh why is it that I discover the little buggers just when we’re at the get hair done and we’ll be ready to leave for school point? This morning is the third time that has happened to me. Suddenly we go from being well and truly on time – early even! – to rocking up to school 20 minutes late with wet hair all round. All 3 kids had a head full of creepy things, there was no way I could responsibly send them to school without treating … Continue reading My morning had been going so well

Good day

It’s been a bit of a lazy day today, Adam “worked” from home so I was still in my pj’s when he took the kids to school. We did some planning together for getting things organised for the weeks ahead and bummed around the house doing nothing much. After lunch we headed off to the school to watch Caitlin do her bit in the talent quest and you know, just quietly, she was fucking awesome. I was so very proud of her, she sang unaccompanied, her voice was strong and clear and I reckon she hit pretty much every note. … Continue reading Good day

Huntsman season is upon us.

Adam and the kids were in the lounge room watching The Two Towers tonight while I hid in the study. There comes a call summoning me, daddy is no good, this is a job for mum. What job would that be I hear you ask? Huntsman spider removal of course. Adam does cockroaches, I do the spiders in this family. And here comes the good part, I now know I’m a real blogger because I made Adam get the camera and document the event. First huntsman of the season Aside from pest control duties, today I have bought birthday presents … Continue reading Huntsman season is upon us.