There was something I was going to tell you….

…now, what was it?

Errr, let’s see.

  • I gained 0.2kg this week.
  • Our iinet connection was installed today against all odds, which, YAY! But in the process the phone socket in the kitchen for our Optus cable land-line was sacrificed so now the answering machine/base station is plugged in to the socket in the study downstairs and we’re using one of our secondary handsets instead.
  • I sold two necklaces last week, so there’s another 2008 goal ticked off.
  • David and I went bowling on Sunday morning, my scores were 96 and 69, the symmetry is nice at any rate.
  • I washed the curtains that hang right next to the dining table. They were filthy. The washing made very little difference *sigh*
  • Caitlin has announced that she wants to go horse-riding. My subtle campaign of pushing horse books over fairy books has paid off. Now all I need to do is get myself down to riding weight so I can go with her.
  • Tomorrow is photo day at school. I should probably get Adam to clean their shoes. I wonder if I’ve got clean decent looking uniforms for them all….

Um, yep, that’s about it.

3 thoughts on “There was something I was going to tell you….

  1. Why do i have the job of cleaning shoes?when caitlin talks of horse riding i just have visions of Lisa from the simpsons talking like Kathern Hepburn, that and the horse in the garage next to the car….

  2. lol …..your hubby certainly has a sense of humour……I hate lice too….today is a new day to step forward 🙂 have a great week x

  3. Hey Mim – my kids both did horse riding for quite some time and one of my goals is to get down to riding weight and all of us go out on a trail ride. Bummer about the gain and YAY about selling the necklaces.Hope you’re doing ok. Nat

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