Too hot

I had to down tools 30 minutes early at my bead making class today. The warmer weather has been hard to take working over a blowtorch flame in an old building with no air-conditioning. We can’t even use fans as it’s just too frustrating to have the flame blowing all over the place as you work. So the last two Thursdays I’ve been battling fogged up safety glasses and sweat dripping off my nose as I made beads. Yuk. By the end of the class today I was feeling shaky and nauseous. Clearly this will have to be a winter hobby if I’m going to continue with it!

I’ve made quite a few beads now that have yet to see the light of blog and I just know you’re all dying to see the results of all my hard labour 😛 So here they are.

Two silver foil-lined beads and one with silver wire wrapped round it. I need to play more with the wire, I couldn’t find the right spot in the flame and kept burning through the wire as I applied it to the bead.

Playing with dots 🙂

And the rest. Flowers, raked stripes, raked dots, randomly squiggled stripes and, at the front there in the blue, white and black, today’s technique of layering. That was the only one I could bring home today, all the rest were still too hot….

2 thoughts on “Too hot

  1. Mim those beads are gorgeous! I’m terribly impressed (my crafty skills are at the simple sewing stage…) and just a little jealous ;^p

  2. Dude you have crafty skillz! I’ve been enjoying seeing what you’re coming up with – either single pieces or finished products:)

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