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Jun 20th, 2010

It’s been a while

Today I stood here at my very own, doesn’t have to be cleared up for anything or anyone else, new workbench in the garage. I got out some of these: Turned on this: And made some glass beads for the first time in almost a year. It took me 90 minutes to make just 4 […]

Jul 8th, 2008

What we did at Winterfest

After a frantic week of shoe making, cloak hemming and costume tweaking we were more or less ready for our first whole family participation in a Huscarls camp. This was a paid gig for the group and our job was to come along, look authentic, talk to the public and have fun. I think we […]

Jun 29th, 2008

Replica bead making

One of my justifications for the acquisition of my own glass bead making gear is that I will be able to make replica Anglo-Saxon/Viking beads to go with our, and other group members’, Huscarls costumes. This weekend I finally got around to making a couple of sets of replica-ish beads. The purple ones are for […]

Mar 27th, 2008

There’s something fishy going on around here

“Swim, swim, swim, swim…this would work better if there was some water involved.” “Oooo! Who’s that I see?” “Hello my little green friend…you look distressed…” “Half my dorsal fin broke off, it’s tragic I tell you!” Black cat being inscrutable. Black cat looking freaky. I wish I’d given him red eyes instead…. Beads with layered […]

Mar 20th, 2008

Too hot

I had to down tools 30 minutes early at my bead making class today. The warmer weather has been hard to take working over a blowtorch flame in an old building with no air-conditioning. We can’t even use fans as it’s just too frustrating to have the flame blowing all over the place as you […]

Feb 29th, 2008

Going dotty

Thursday’s beadmaking class focused on dots. I brought home the two beads on the pendant below, leaving three others still cooling, making these things is slow work! I’m sure these beads are reminiscent of clothing my mum had when I was little. There’s probably a photo somewhere. Dots! Red coral and glass beads on memory […]

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