Menu plan 28 April 08

Most of the family is down with a lurgi, we have headaches and sore throats and backaches and general miserableness. Caitlin is the only one who seems to be ok. Great start to the school term *sigh*

Cooking dinner tonight was a major effort and when Adam came home he said it was a pleasant surprise – I think he was expecting me to do the pathetic and helpless routine and ask him to get something on the way home. So for the rest of the week I’ve tried to choose meals that won’t seem too overwhelming to produce in the hope that, even if the rest of the house is in a state of chaos, we will at least eat reasonably well. And if I do decide it’s all too much I do have the option of pulling out some of the vast quantity of soup that I made last week and have stashed in the freezer in single and double serve containers – I did one batch of vegetable and one of pea and ham and all I can say is it’s a damn good thing I own a ridiculous number of plastic containers!

Baked dinner – veal, potato, sweet potato and peas
no dessert
Beef goulash, noodles & broccoli
Fruit and yoghurt
Chicken rice bake & salad
Custard and fruit
Tortellini & salad
Fruit & yoghurt
Homemade pizza
Ice cream & fruit
Hungarian restaurant with the Browncoats No, wait, I’ve got a better idea. How about we go to a dinner party at Ariane’s place which was organised weeks ago. ahem. *crawls into corner and hides head in shame*
Tacos & salad
Fruit & yoghurt

2 thoughts on “Menu plan 28 April 08

  1. Dito with the lurgy! Will and I also were sick last weekTo make matters worse he fell and graized his little nose making wiping his shnoz painfull every time.Poor little man.Love the status “grocery shopping , do not want” I’m feeling the same today.=0)

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