I’ve always said I like other people’s dogs….

Her name is Clara and she’s a staffy (I think, god, I know bugger all about dogs :P). I’m not sure how old she is, 3-ish perhaps. When she wags her tail it’s not just the tail that wags, her entire body curls around into a semi-circle. I kind of fell for Clara the first time I met her about a year ago, something about the grinning face and her insistence on receiving her fair share of attention coupled with her beautifully good behaviour. Hey, I’m a sucker for other people’s dogs.

Clara belongs to a family who came here from Germany at the beginning of last year with the intention of staying for at least 4 years (if memory serves) but those plans were thwarted when dad’s contract was canceled and no other work could be found before the terms of their visa forced them to head back to Germany. They leave next Friday.

Caitlin was invited for a play after school this afternoon with their daughter (they were in the same class last year) and when I arrived to pick Caitie up Clara did her usual dance of joy to greet me. Eventually the conversation came round to the dog and the fact that it was prohibitively expensive for them to take her with them and that they were going to take her to the pound in the morning. I’m not even sure who it was that first suggested it, it might have been one of the kids, I don’t think it was me…but of course, once the idea was out there we were doomed.

We’re getting a dog.

She’s moving in here on Monday.

We’d better fix the fences.

4 thoughts on “I’ve always said I like other people’s dogs….

  1. Congratulations Clara sounds lovely and while I’m sure you’ll end up being the chief feeder and walker it’s a good experience for the kids. Thanks for your comments the other day, every little bit of support helps.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I think that’s wonderful Mim. Pets are wonderful for the body and more importantly, the soul.Hope you’re doing better.Nat

  3. Oh I LOVE Staffies. They are just the happiest mellowest dogs ever. I’m sure you won’t regret it. 🙂

  4. AAAWwWwI want a dog!!!=0(I’ll just have to save up my money and come over and play with her instead!One of my friends had the lovliest staffy Lab cross and it tried to save my life. I was just swimming but he thought I was drowning. Long story short he nearly drowned trying to save me. Clara could work out as a great exercise buddy too!!!Enjoy the new addition to your family.

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