Menu plan 5 May 08

Sleep? Who needs sleep when there’s a new Dr Who episode to watch. Yeah, I should have been in bed 3 hours ago but I had stuff to do for the mothers day craft stall and then Adam came out with his laptop with the new ep and well, here we still are. At least I’ve manged to do something else useful at the same time!

Tacos & salad
Fruit salad
Oven fish & chips
Fruit and yoghurt
Veal casserole
Stewed fruit and custard
Butter chicken and rice
Fruit & yoghurt
BBQ steak etc – not that I’ll be here for this one. Instead I’ll be at the Hub Serenity con cocktail party meeting Nathan Fillion and Ron Glass πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Ice cream & fruit
Hamburgers & oven wedges
Soup & bread – I’m assuming someone not me will be doing Mothers Day lunch….
Fruit & yoghurt

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