I went to work today

Now that’s something I haven’t said in about 11.5 years! Yep I’m back in the paid workforce, just 2 half-days a week at the moment and nicely flexible when it comes to school holidays and the like. I’m not sure how much work they’ll have for me going forward (and of course there’s the whole will they actually want to keep me or not thing) but so far it all seems good.

I get to go to an office and sit at a desk, make phone calls, send emails and drink coffee. There could be worse things in life 🙂

Huge thanks to my good friend Jen for putting in lots of good words for me – it’s her desk I’m sitting at on the days she’s not there. Which is the only bummer ’cause it would be even more awesome if I was working with her there in the office instead of merely hijacking her workstation.

In other news, I think the dog is allergic to our house, she’s been spending lots of time inside with all the rain lately and she just will. not. stop. scratching. It’s driving me nuts especially in the wee small hours of the morning at the foot of our bed. And she’s doing nasty things to her skin in the process. Might need to get the vet in….

3 thoughts on “I went to work today

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an awesome thing to be able to say. I haven’t worked outside the home for 14 years now – it will be a strange thing when I finally do!Hope you’re travelling well Mim.Nat

  2. Hey wow! I hope it’s all going well. I am currently writing a 4000 word essay (you can tell can’t you?), so I’ll be back in the land of the living next Wednesday, but Nerida finished yesterday, and we start child care on Tuesday….

  3. I’d take Clara to the vet. Do you have anything dogs are commonly allergic to in your yard, like Wandering Jew? We had to rip up half our yard because of that.

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