Token effort

I kept falling asleep on the lounge with my laptop on my knee last night as I tried to slog my way through the stuff that needed to be done by this morning. I ended up going to bed for real at 4:30am after doing about 4 hours actual work and experiencing several unsatisfactory involuntary naps. When I got up at 7:00am I was, as one might imagine, a little worse for wear. I then went to work for 4.5 hours (and finished the stuff that was urgently needed and had appreciative things said to me by my boss), came … Continue reading Token effort


Right at this very minute I am blogging, eating dessert and playing Star Munchkin with the family. Before doing this I did my declutter of the day while Adam cooked dessert, Tom practiced his flute, David cleaned up from dinner and Caitlin got changed for bed and put her laundry on. The Enjo and stuff cupboard and after…strangely roomy. When I’ve finished blogging and one of the family has managed to kill enough space monsters to win the game I will be settling in to an exciting evening of doing about 5 hours work that until this afternoon I thought … Continue reading Multi-tasking

Fragments from a fractured week

Hosted by Mrs4444. I’ve had better weeks than this one just gone, but I’ve had worse too. I’m writing this sitting in my sun drenched lounge room looking out at blue sky and listening to birds in the garden and thinking life’s not so bad really. It helps that I’ve just unloaded all the brain clutter from the week here for your entertainment. Or not. Whatever 🙂 **** On Wednesday morning I was woken early by Jack as he sneaked up on to the end of our bed and stealthily crept right up my leg, over my hip and settled … Continue reading Fragments from a fractured week

Picking up the pieces on a Fragmented Friday

Hosted by Mrs4444. I’ve been a bit scarce around the blogosphere this week on account of it not having been the greatest week ever, I tend to read but not post or comment when I’m stressed. I don’t really have much by way of amusement or fascination to offer today, rather I seem to be dumping a whole lot of whinging out for you instead. For fragments that might be a little more fun to read, head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time and find out what everyone else has on offer this week. **** On Sunday night last weekend … Continue reading Picking up the pieces on a Fragmented Friday

A room with a view

I was sitting in the office this afternoon, by myself, listening to the sound of the creek at the bottom of the gully coming in through the open balcony door and thinking how lucky I am to be working in such a lovely environment. I’ve been meaning to take photos for a while now but I always think of it too late and don’t have time to muck about with the camera before rushing off to be on time for the kids, but today I wasn’t in a huge hurry, so photos there are. This is the view from our … Continue reading A room with a view


I am grateful for flexible working arrangements that allow Adam and I to take the following circumstances in our stride: Last night Adam went to the pub after work and left his car at work over-night.I was giving a talk about the P&C at kindy orientation this morning between 9:15 and 10:30am.Caitlin was attending a singing workshop as part of the Northern Sydney Region Enrichment Day for Gifted & Talented Students from 9:30am to 2:30pm at Bobbin Head about 25 minutes drive from our place.Adam dropped me and the boys at school and took Caitlin to the workshop where he … Continue reading Gratitude

Bootstraps, I has ’em

Now I just need to work out how to haul myself up by them. Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of new content around these parts of late (go on, please say you’ve noticed?), poor old June has a mere 3 posts to its name! I think it’s time I did something about that, don’t you? It’s not like I haven’t had time really, there have been plenty of hours during which I have sat with my laptop on my knee and wandered around the blogosphere thinking to myself “I should post a comment there” or “ooo! … Continue reading Bootstraps, I has ’em

Two weeks in the life of Mim

Em over at Shrinking Yoda has posted a look at her schedule over 2 weeks. Out of a kind of morbid curiosity I thought I’d do the same. The week just gone:9th – 15th March Mon – Take kids to school. Work at publishers. Pick up from school. Supervise homework. Cook dinner. Take Caitlin to Ballet. Adam brings his mum over for dinner. Adam goes to Sword training (usually with Dave but last week he stayed home.) Tues – Take kids to school. Take dog to dog park for quick play. Work at bookshop. Pick up kids. Supervise homework. Take … Continue reading Two weeks in the life of Mim

Status report

Lego pistol – retrieved, the friend admitted his mistake without any need to produce the evidence. Laundry – Mostly folded but not ironed and at least 3 loads waiting to be done. Kitchen – pantry and tupperware cupboard exploded several weeks ago, it’s been a losing battle ever since. Groceries – I am so not adjusting to not being able to do the shopping when the kids are at school, we are out of most of the basics and used up the last of the frozen left-overs last night. Looks like I’ll be shopping this evening. Kid’s homework – I’m … Continue reading Status report

Car parks are not always concrete jungles

My new workplace is in a fairly recent development hacked out of the edge of a quite extensive area of bushland. The views from the office are rather nice and they’ve done a pretty good job with the landscaping, the car parks have plenty of garden beds strewn about the place. Apparently the local wildlife have lost no time in making themselves at home, Jen tells me she often sees a couple of reptilian residents making use of the warm bitumen in the car parks. As I was leaving this afternoon, this fellow popped out from under a car as … Continue reading Car parks are not always concrete jungles