Queensland dispatches

I’m posting from Brisbane, we’ve just spent two days at Abbey Medieval Festival. We’re happy, tired and broke. And the kids are trying to kill each other. Fun times.

Somehow or other, despite Dave, Tom and I all having the horrible lurgi all week we managed to get all the post-Winterfest laundry done (all right, Adam did the laundry) and get ourselves packed up and ready to head off to Queensland on Friday morning. We were on the road at 6:30am, Adam did the driving, I was no use drugged up on Codral and snoozing most of the way. A very welcome respite was offered by Browncoat oziangel who invited us to stop at her place for lunch, I just hope we didn’t end up sharing the lurgi with them too. We made it to Brisbane at about 8:00pm, had a BBQ dinner with the Browncoats at the holiday apartments and collapsed into bed pathetically early.

Saturday we were off to Abbey en masse. Spent the day wandering around enjoying all the displays, buying cool and useful stuff and bumping into Browncoats every so often. Adam, David and I were in our Huscarls kit, Caitlin was wearing an outrageous velvety skirt and crop top costume and Tom was in civvies. I’ll post photos sometime in the next week hopefully (I’m not sure there are many with us in them). Dinner was at the German Club – pork knuckle FTW!

Today we had planned to head back to Abbey just for the morning and then join the Browncoats for mini-golf in the afternoon but there was still so much to see and do at the festival that we ended up staying there all day. We have ambitions to be there as participants next year with our own little living history display encampment. It’d be great if there were other Huscarls able to come too but I think we’ll try and do it even if it’s just us.

We’re having a bit of a break at the apartments before meeting up with the others for dinner. The kids are watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and are apparently engaged in some sort of who can be the most irritating competition, Adam is lying on the bed beside me snoring loudly and I’m having my second cup of tea and dreaming of silence. *sigh* Tea will have to do.

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