Link-fest No.4

Another random collection of stuff to read.

The August edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival is up at Audrey and the Bad Apples.

One of the reasons I’m not watching the Olympics (or watching very little anyway): Lauredhel at Hoyden About Town posts on women athletes’ uniforms.

The 2008 Hugo Awards results have been announced.

Check out, there’s short stories, news and a community to join.

There’s a new Serenity comic on-line at MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

And finally, who would ever have imagined there were so many possible Zombie Rhymes? lilacsigil contributed one of my favourites:

Who are the rulers of zombie dwarves?


3 thoughts on “Link-fest No.4

  1. re the sexualisation thing, interesting to note George Bush snapped at women’s beach volleyball looking very happy. Ogling be the word I would use. Obviously doesnt care how he comes across with no re-election in the future.Do you stop watching though? I’m keen for my sons to believe women are strong and fast and skillful. I had an interesting conversation with 3 yo about men being better at swimming – no idea who told him that!!!!

  2. Well, I wouldn’t be watching anyway whatever the uniforms. Most sport bores me stupid. I might remember to watch the dressage and I quite like the gymnastics and diving but I’m just as likely to not turn the TV on because I’m out of the habit of having it on. I don’t think I’ve been the one to turn the TV on unless it was for a dvd any time in the last year.Adam and the kids will probably end up watching a bit.David saw me reading the Hoyden’s post and we had a very interesting conversation about that, I was pleased to find he could see the problem.

  3. I’ve just had a quick look at your link and apart from the obvious feminist anger, I’d just like to note that the beach volleyballers’ uniforms are REALLY unflattering. Plus, those knickers would be unlikely to cover my pubic hair (and I’m not at all hairy), so not only do they have to wear these obscene things, but they have to go get brazillians as well!!!

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